Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Create a Variety of Prints with a few Linoblocks

Inspired by a technique demonstrated by Mariann Johansen-Ellis, I made this linocut.  It is an overlay technique where numerous unique prints can be created using just a few interchangable pattern and key blocks.  Below are some images of the process for the above artwork. 

After drawing and cutting the linoblocks, a pattern block of clouds (light blue) and a pattern block of trees (grey) were inked (see image to the right). The image to the left below shows how the cloud block looks printed alone, followed by an image of the clouds being overprinted with the grey tree block.

The final block shows the birds (the key block) printed in black ink on top.

Below is an example where the trees are used as the key block:

Currently I am in the process of making additional pattern blocks and will post as they are completed.

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  1. That is BRILLIANT ! I'm bookmarking this and I WILL try it out, ooooh yeah !