Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Not the Laundry Blues

Another Day, Etching
Recently, I noticed that a friend of mine kept purchasing images I had made with hanging laundry.  When I asked him about that, he responded that it reminded him of simpler times.  Perhaps that is why, to this day, I still hang up my clothes to dry.  And, since my mother didn't have a clothes dryer for a very long time, it doesn't seem that odd to me.  Forutnately,  I live in an old city rowhouse where many people still hang laundry so nobody gets bent out of shape about hanging laundry.   My facination with laundry has spilled over into taking photographs of laundromats on road trips.  I still use laundomats for those "too-large to fit in a regular washer" items.  In fact, I used one yesterday to launder a feather bed topper which is what prompted me to write this post.  It was a great laundromat that gave free detergent, free drying, and free assistance!  I hope you enjoy some of my laundry images and laundromat photos below. 

Island Life, Etching
Happy Campers, Color Lincut

Laundomat in Port Allegheny, PA
Laundomat sign along Route 6, PA

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  1. I love the island one.

    I have a photo of a laundromat in Cheltenham Village and I will TRY to remember to send it to you. !!!